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Welcome to Duckservice in Bad Bentheim

Since the beginning of 2000 Duckservice has been located in a spacious building (with showroom) just across the Dutch border in Germany.

Here we have a stock of approximately 30 2CVs in all price ranges. Further we have a large stock of second hand parts in our warehouse.

Our company is located directly at the A1 from Amsterdam to Osnabrück, approximately 1 km after crossing the Dutch border to Germany. You can find us at the Luxemburger Straße 9 in 48455 Bad Bentheim. As native Dutchmen we also speak German and English.

Because we mainly repair and maintain 2CVs and also sell parts, we have become quite critical over the years as far as the supply of these parts is concerned. Based on 20 years of experience in maintenance and repair, we have put together a delivery program with parts whose quality has been proven. Of course the price is also important, but for cheap imitations please don’t come to us. These have proven in practice to us as well as our customers more annoyance than pleasure to our 2CVs.

Several Citroën 2CV in a race paint in front of the garage of Duckservice in Bad Bentheim.

If possible, we only supply A-quality. If a good quality is no longer available, we produce it ourselves. We have parts reproduced in a quality better than the original. Examples are the stainless steel ventilation valves, the striping sets and the dashboard trim sets. By doing this we hope to contribute to you enjoying your 2CV for many years to come.

The information you find on this website is only a summary of our delivery program and services. If you seek something which is not mentioned on our webside or if you are looking for something special, then please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by telephone, fax or e-mail. Our preferred way of communication is by telephone, as in general this is the most convinient way for us as well as us to explain technical issues.

With kind regards, Team of Duckservice

Another 50 years of Citroën 2CV: the galvanized coach

At the beginning of 2000, Duckservice has started to serially collect and restore 2CV car bodies. This has also been very successful for a long time. However, nowadays it is very difficult to find a well-used car body. However, there are alternatives available. Starting from 2014 various companies have attempted to produce new 2CV bodies. However, quite a few problems have been encountered, although the quality of these new 2CV bodies is not always bad. Since 2016 new 2CV car bodies in a good quality are available on the market. Note that these new bodies are only provided with a thin, electrolytically applied zinc layer. As these carriages are produced using this type of sheet metal, it certainly does not have the anticorrosive effect between the welds that Duckservice is accustomed to for our hot-dip galvanized car bodies. Therefore we recommend to also let these new car bodies be hot-dip galvanized to ensure that your investment will remain free from rust for the coming 40 years. The prices of the newly produced 2CV car bodies start at 4400 Euros. As the new 2CV car bodies are not always available, the delivery time and price may differ. This means that the process of obtaining and galvanizing a (new or second hand) 2CV car body will become increasingly difficult and therefore expensive.

The experiences we have gathered over the years and after galvanizing more than 250 2CV car bodies have been very good. Every month we galvanize several 2CV car bodies. Through the years, we have received positive feedback on this galvanization process from our longterm customers. Therefore we have decided to only carry out restorations using galvanized sheet metal parts. Although there is a difference in pricing between regular and galvanized parts, this difference does not result into a significant difference of overall restauration costs. However, the difference between regular and galvanized parts in terms of life span and usability of a 2CV exceeds the difference in price by many times.

Experience has shown that galvanization is the only way to save your 2CV from the rust devil. The price of a galvanized 2CV car body depends on the availability of a suitable body and the number of working hours that have to be spent cleaning and repairing the body. Note that galvanising is not a cheap solution, but – in our opinion - the only solution if you want to keep using your 2CV on a daily basis for many years to come. For more information please call us.

Galvanizing your own 2CV?

The costs of a galvanized 2CV car body are based on: obtaining a second hand 2CV body, welding repair, the costs of stripping the body from paint, sealing etc., the galvanisation itself, transport costs and rework and finishing. If you want to galvanize your own 2CV car body and want execute the welding yourself, then that reduces the price significantly, as we do not have to spend any hours on repairing and welding your own car body. Furthermore a second hand car body does not need to be bought. The remaining costs for galvanizing your own 2CV car body are based on the costs of transport, stripping of paint and sealing and galvanizing. If you would like to save these costs, you not only will need to do the welding and the replacement of the various plate parts yourself, but you will also need to do the rework and the finishing of the car body. Thus the costs of the galvanization can be considerably reduced when compared to obtaining a finished galvanized 2CV car body.

Depending on the condition of your car body, the expenses for galvanizing and stripping will be at least € 2,050. Please note that if your coach has not been welded properly, the costs may increase because we will need to invest time to weld the car body properly. This must be done in order for the car body to survive the thermal galvanization process. Note that this kind of rework always happens in consultation with our customers. These named prices are valid for a 2CV car body. Although we also have experience with other types of car bodies (e.g. DS, Ami, Trabant, Range Rover, Opel) the expenses of galvanizing these car bodies will differ from the galvanization of a 2CV.

In case you have any additional questions or if you would like to receive more information from us on the galvanization process, please do not hasitate to call or email us.

In spite of our nearly 20 years of experience in the galvanization of oldtimers, there is always a risk of damage due to transport, thermal material stresses and zinc residues on places where this is not wanted. Note that even though this seldomly occurs, neither the galvanization company nor Duckservice is liable for damage occuring during the galvanization process.

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